The Apprenda Platform

What's New in Apprenda 6.8
Oracle 12c, RHEL/CentOS 7, Enhanced JMX Support, Audit Logs, SOC Log Export, Internal Traffic Encryption, Maintenance Options for Platform Servers

Getting Started
Understanding Apprenda, Installation Scenarios

Apprenda For Developers
Local Development Tools, ASP.NET Websites, Java Web Applications, WCF Services, Working with Data, Logging

Deploying Applications on Apprenda
Creating an App, How Apprenda Deploys Your App, Entitlements, Resource Policies, Patching Your App

Using the Account Portal
Account and User Management, Subscriptions, Roles and Security, Accessing Subscribed Applications

Apprenda for IT and Cloud Admins
Server Roles, The System Operations Center, Disaster Recovery, Resource Utilization Tracking, Extending Apprenda

Current Major Release: 6.8
Latest minor revision: 6.8.0