Welcome to our docs site. Docs on this site are for ACP version 9.
See these links for previous versions: Version 8, Version 7

What's new in Apprenda 9

‚ÄčThe Platform has introduced the following features and enhancements. Also see the release notes for more information about bug fixes and additional improvements in each release.


New Documentation Site

With the release of Apprenda version 9, we have also launched a new documentation site. This new site is part of our ongoing efforts to bring you the best product experience.

Content in this site is for only Apprenda version 9 and later releases. If you need information for Platform versions before 9.0, see http://docs.apprenda.com. We are in the process of migrating content for older versions from the current docs site to the new one. If you have any questions, please contact your support representative.

New Security Section of the SOC

A new Security section has been added to the SOC. From the pages in this section, Platform Operators can manage Platform communication encryption settings, Identity Federation, and Platform access. This new section collects all security related settings into one spot in the SOC. The settings in the Security section were previously available in pages in the Configuration and Platform Access sections of the SOC.