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Release Notes for Apprenda 7.2.0

Release Date: August 4, 2017

The following are release notes for the latest version of the Apprenda Cloud Platform.

Minor Features/Improvements

  • Certificate-based authentication to a Kubernetes cluster added to the Platform is now supported. Platform Operators can now upload X.509 certificates signed by a Certificate Authority that is trusted by the Kubernetes API server for the Platform to use to authenticate to an added cluster, instead of providing user credentials.
  • The Platform now supports asymmetric cryptography that generates and encrypts a symmetric key, which allows for unique key generation both inter and intra-Platform. The Platform’s new key management enhancements provide isolation between guest applications and the Platform, which significantly limits the ability of attackers deploying malicious applications and gaining access to Platform keys and secrets
  • Developer Portal actions such as deleting or promoting an applications are now logged as a part of the Platform’s audit logs
  • The Platform no longer has any dependencies on Node.js or IIS Node

Bug Fixes

Apprenda Installer & Upgrade

  • You are now able to upgrade normally if you have a Kubernetes cluster attached to your Platform
  • The Apprenda Installer was unable to add new Web nodes to the Platform through the Modify workflow

Developer Portal and Tools

  • The Application Management REST API endpoint /api/v1/policies was returning information about resource policy costs in a hard to use way. The information has been spilt into three new fields (currency, unitCost, and unitType) to make interpreting resource policies easier
  • Applications with an empty lib folder in their application archive would successfully be created to the Platform, but the application name would not be processed correctly and would be left blank. This caused the application to be unusable until it was patched with a new archive.
  • On the Scaling page, you were unable to save your changes when switching from Scheduled to Manual scaling without refreshing the page
  • Corrected typos in error messages around vanity URLs

System Operations Center

  • The options to enable, disable, or remove users from the Access> Users page in the SOC were not working
  • Platform Operators weren’t able to be disable Tenants in the Access> Tenants page in the SOC
  • Improved authentication for the IAllocationReportingService API
  • Platform Operators were not able to be removed from the Platform

Guest Application Creation and Management

  • Environment variables could be set for WCF Services, but weren’t being implemented when a workload was deployed to the Platform if the WCF Service was managed by Virtual Accounts to manage workloads.