Welcome to our docs site. Docs on this site are for ACP version 9.
See these links for previous versions: Version 8, Version 7

Release Notes for Apprenda 7.0

The following are release notes for Apprenda Cloud Platform version 7.


Major Features

Enhanced Support for Kubernetes

A Kubernetes cluster can now be added to the Platform. Once added, the Platform will manage a dedicated Namespace on the cluster. Developers can create applications with Kubernetes components, upload, and configure them on the Platform. When the applications are deployed, the Platform will inject configuration options for things like resource management or Custom Properties and will handle creating Service to route traffic to the application. Platform Operations have the ability to create Resource Policies that can be applied to Kubernetes components in order to better manage resources on the cluster.

See more about adding a cluster to your Platform and creating applications with Kubernetes components.

Minor Features/Improvements

  • Platform Operators are now able to set resource allocation limits for specific Development Teams. Global settings will still be enforced on all Development Teams that don’t have limit overrides set.

Bug Fixes

Apprenda Installer & Upgrade

  • Fixed bug to allow the Installer to run on an off-platform machine for encrypted environments


  • Improved input validation and output escaping/encoding to prevent XSS flaws in Platform interfaces

Developer Portal and Tools

  • Fixed layout inconsistency in the Developer Portal’s Resource Policy assignment page

Guest Application Creation and Management

  • Docker workloads were being prevented from restarting


  • Fixed Platform healing to remove a cloud mutex when it has been held for longer than its maximum allowed hold time