Welcome to our docs site. Docs on this site are for ACP version 9.
See these links for previous versions: Version 8, Version 7

Release Notes for Apprenda 9.0.0

Release Date: March 8, 2017

Upgrade Note

Before upgrading to ACP 9.0.0, you must be running ACP 8.2.0. If you are not running 8.2.0 on your Platform, you must upgrade to 8.2.0 before you can upgrade to 9.0.0.

If you any questions about upgrading your Platform, contact your support representative.

Minor Features and Improvements

  • A new Security section has been added to the SOC. From the pages in this section, Platform Operators can manage Platform communication encryption settings, Identity Federation, and access to the Platform. This new section collects all security related settings into one spot in the SOC. The settings in the Security section were previously available in pages in the Configuration and Platform Access sections of the SOC.

Breaking Changes

  • The Platform no longer supports enabling or disabling SSL/TLS enforcement for only Apprenda Applications
  • The Platform Federation Service has been removed

Bug Fixes

Apprenda Installer & Upgrade

  • Updated validation steps to prevent the Installer from passing validation if there are pending Windows updates on Platform nodes
  • The GenerateInputFile Installer command was not working correctly. This bug was introduced in ACP version 7.1.0

System Operations Center (SOC)

  • Operators were not able to edit Custom Properties that applied to Windows Services
  • Custom Properties were not saving correctly when changed to have no default value selected
  • When choosing a server to move a workload from the Move a Workload window, the Move and Cancel options were not displaying if there was more than 4 nodes in the Platform. This window is available from the Applications page>Workloads tab>Move (selected from a workload option dropdown)>Let me choose a server)
  • Platform Operators were able to deactivate a Resource Policy that was set as a default policy for a Platform component
  • Fixed upgrade issues when using the Platform-level External Authentication Plugin


  • Improved cross site scripting protection in Platform UIs
  • Enhanced boundary protection for guest applications running on Windows

Developer Portal and Tools

  • Inactive users are now automatically sent to the login screen after their session expires
  • Fixed minor typos in error messages

Guest Applications Creation and Management

  • Traffic was being routed to .NET User Interfaces before they had been granted the correct filesystems access
  • The Platform was showing an incorrect instance count for Kubernetes workloads deployed to an attached cluster when multiple Cluster Manager services were deployed on a single cloud. The desired number of workloads was deployed to the cluster, but an incorrect instance count was show in Platform portals

The Account Portal

  • No error message was shown if a role was created with a name that exceeded the 255 character limit
  • Improved the Description input box in the Create a Role section of the Roles page in the Account Portal so it could not expand and distort the UI of that page