Welcome to our docs site. Docs on this site are for ACP version 9.
See these links for previous versions: Version 8, Version 7

Upgrading the Platform on Linux Servers

This document explains how to perform an RPM-based upgrade of the Platform on Linux servers. Linux nodes are upgraded by installing Platform RPMs on each node you want to add.

Before upgrading, you should understand the Platform upgrade process.

Upgrading Linux Servers

Perform the following steps on each Linux server you are upgrading.

  1. Change into the directory containing the Platform RPMs. The following example is for Platform version 9.0 using the default Apprenda System Platform Repository mount. Update the command to the correct mount point for your Platform and the version you are upgrading to.

    $ cd /apprenda/repo/sys/9.0/System/Nodes/RPM

    Platform RPMs are located in the Apprenda System Platform Repository mount point you configured during Platform installation (see the Pre-Installation Checklist) for more information). The default location for this is “/apprenda/repo/sys”, but can be configured to a custom location. RPMS are in the “System/Nodes/RPM” folder for the Platform version you are upgrading to.

  2. Install all RPMs in the folder. Depending on the server you are upgrading, set the version of “rhel” in the command below to the version you do not want to install. See the full list of Platform RPMs to install.

    $ ls | grep -v rhel6 | xargs rpm -Uvh --force
  3. Run the configuration script with the information for your server after all RPMs are installed.

    $ /apprenda/apprenda-updater/bin/configure-node.sh -a [app repo] -s [sys repo] -h [host name]


    Expected Input

    -a, --apps-repo

    (Required) Path to the apps repo mount point (configured at installation)

    -s, --sys-repo

    (Required) Path to the sys repo mount point (configured at installation)

    -h, --hostname

    (Required) The host name of the node

    -c, -cloud-url

    (Optional) The Cloud URL of the Platform that this node is joining

    -o, --output

    (Optional) Output file. Default output location: /tmp/configure-node.out

Important Upgrade Notes

  • When upgrading, the Platform expects the Apprenda System Platform Repository and Apprenda Application Platform Repository locations to be the same as those defined at install. If you have changed the location of the repository on some nodes, the locations must be symlinked to the corresponding repository locations configured at installation
  • If you experience any problems with your Linux nodes after an upgrade, it may be because they were not properly reconfigured during the upgrade to use Platform encryption features. To reconfigure all your Linux nodes, make a request to the /api/v1/services/encryption/reconfigurelinux Platform Operations REST API endpoint. If the problem persists after reconfiguration, please contact your support representative

Platform RPMs

The following is a list of all Platform RPMs. When installing and upgrading a Linux server, all of the following should be installed, except the RPM for the version of CentOS/RHEL the server is not running.

  • jre6-
  • jre7-
  • jre8-
  • tomcat7-
  • tomcat6-
  • apprenda-upgrade-bootstrap
  • apprenda-updater
  • apprenda-configuration-templates
  • apprenda-core
  • apprenda-logstash-server
  • apprenda-logstash-forwarder
  • apprenda-java-web-bootstrapper
  • apprenda-tomcat-bootstrappers
  • apprenda-jboss-bootstrapper
  • apprenda-rhel6 or apprenda-rhel7, depending on the CentOS/RHEL version install the corresponding RPM