Welcome to our docs site. Docs on this site are for ACP version 9.
See these links for previous versions: Version 8, Version 7

Manage Clouds

Information about the one or more clouds that comprise the Platform can be found in the Clouds page of the SOC. Navigate to the Clouds page from the top navigation menu by going to Infrastructure> Clouds.

On this screen you can see information about the Clouds in your Platform, including the Cloud Name, Cloud URL, Cloud Type, Memory allocation, CPU allocation, the Cloud Provider, and the # (number) of Servers in the Cloud. The Cloud URL, Memory/CPU Capacity, and number of servers, can be viewed–but not changed–from this page. Memory/CPU allotment will be visible only if Resource Throttling is enabled.

Edit Cloud Information

When viewing the Infrastructure> Clouds page, you can edit information about any of the Clouds in your Platform. At least one Cloud is created when when you install the Platform, but if you need to add another or remove an existing Cloud, you can modify your Platform to add or remove a cloud. Additionally, if you want to add to or remove servers from a Cloud, you must modify your Platform to add or remove nodes.

To edit information about an existing Cloud, click Edit Cloud for the Cloud you’d like to edit.

In the Edit Cloud window, you can edit the following information about the Cloud: Cloud Name, Cloud Type (can be Private, Public and Hosted), Description, and Infrastructure provider. You are not able to change the Cloud URL or resource information of any Cloud.

Click Save when all changes have been made (or Cancel to not edit any information).

Edit information about your Cloud in this window