What's new in Apprenda 8?

‚ÄčThe Platform has introduced the following features and enhancements. Also see the release notes for more information about bug fixes and additional improvements in each release.


Rebranding to ATOS- Apprenda on Platform

As of Platform version 8.3.0, All references to Apprenda and Apprenda logos have been changed to ATOS - Apprenda.

Minor Improvements

The Platform is up to date on all security patches.


Support for Multiple Kubernetes Clusters on Platform

As of Platform version 8.2.0, you can attach multiple Kubernetes clusters to the same Cloud, providing you with a single operational portal for managing all the clusters in your organization. See more about our multi-cluster support.

New Identity Federation Model

The Platform now supports a new Federation model which allows a pluggable way to integrate with Identity and Access Management systems within your enterprise using a Federation Service Provider plugin and External User Store plugin.

Support for Object Relational Mapping for Internally Hosted Databases

Database provisioning has been improved to allow developers to use any ORM software, like Entity Framework Code First Migrations, to configure the data tier of a guest application. Developers can package Data Tier plugins into an application archive to run at deploy time to build their databases.


Support for Windows Server 2016 and .NET 4.7

ACP now supports Windows Server 2016 for Platform servers and .NET 4.7 for your applications. See a full list of supported software.

Support for TLS 1.2

TLS 1.2 is now supported for internal and external Platform encryption. See more about internal encryption and using TLS 1.2 on your Platform.

Improved Developer Portal Performance

Significant improvements were made to the Developer Portal application list and application dashboard for better page load time and overall performance at scale.


Always On Availability Groups for Platform and Guest Application Databases

The Platform now supports Always On Availability Groups (AAG) for guest application and Platform databases. For guest application databases, Platform Operators are able to forward deploy guest application databases onto external, off-Platform, database servers while retaining scaling and patching capabilities through the Platform. Platform Operators and DBAs can use this feature to support enterprise-level workflows for High Availability and credential rotation.

Additionally, Platform databases can be maintained using AAG, allowing Platform Operators to provide enterprise-level High Availability and Disaster Recovery scenarios for the Apprenda Cloud Platform in single or multiple data centers.

See more about running Platform databases and guest application databases in Availability Groups.

Support for SQL Server 2016

Platform version 8.0.0 now supports SQL Server 2016 for guest application and Platform databases. See the Supported Software page for more on Platform SQL Server support.

Off-Platform Audit Log Aggregation

You are now able to process, filter, and deliver Platform Audit logs to an off-Platform log aggregator using the Platform extension model. You must have Audit logging enabled to use this functionality. See more about configuring your an Audit Log forwarder service on your Platform.