Technical Bulletin: Apprenda and Windows 8

With the official release of Windows 8, we’d like to address installing Apprenda on a Windows 8 machine. While Apprenda will run on a Windows 8 machine, we’d recommend holding off on installing it for the time being.

A key piece of the Windows 8 experience is the Tiles user interface. In order to effectively sandbox the Windows Store and associated applications, Microsoft requires User Access Control (UAC) to be active. Apprenda currently requires the elevated privileges granted when UAC is turned off.

We are working on the changes necessary to allow Apprenda to co-exist with the new, exciting functionality in Windows 8, and will keep you updated on the progress.

In the meantime, if you’d like to run Apprenda on your Windows 8 machine, we recommend using the local Hyper-V capabilities to run a virtual machine with Apprenda installed on it. If you’d like to use a preconfigured Windows Server 2008 VM, one can be found here.

UPDATE: As of Apprenda Platform version 5.0.5, it is now possible to install and run Apprenda with UAC enabled on all supported Windows OS version (including Windows 8).