Technical Bulletin: Oracle 12c Release 4 Drivers

Published: November 17, 2017


The publicly available installers for Oracle 12c Release 4 will install an incorrect version of the drivers due to a known version numbering issue for Release 4. The driver installer will install previous versions of Release 4 that do not contain needed bug fixes to use Oracle on your Platform.

If the wrong drivers are installed, you will experience Platform-wide problems on all Platform version.


DO NOT use the publicly available driver installers. Instead, install Oracle 12c Release 4 using the driver found here:

If you have already installed Oracle 12c Release 4 using the public installers, follow the steps below to correct any issues.

  1. Remove any GAC managed driver assemblies: Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll. It is also recommended that you remove these assemblies from any location they are found on a host, outside the Apprenda repository folder or guest application folders. Apprenda ships with the the managed driver it requires..
  2. Remove changes to machine.config. When installing, the driver makes changes to the machine.config file that you must revert. If your application requires this change, apply it directly in the application itself, not to the global machine.config.