Visual Studio Extension Release Notes

This page holds the release notes for the Apprenda Visual Studio Extension. To download the extension, see the downloads page. For more information on using the Apprenda Visual Studio Extension, see the tutorial.

Extension Versions

Note, beta versions of the extension do not have release notes.


Bug Fixes

  • If Resource Throttling was enabled, but no default database compute policy was assigned, you were unable to create new applications
  • If a new application was created from a solution with a saved application name, the saved application name would be used instead of the name provided in the extension’s New application dialog box. This issue has been fixed, so the application name the user provides when creating the application on the Platform is now used


Major Features

Developers can now see Platform Add-Ons their Development Team has access to in the Apprenda Explorer in Visual Studio. In addition to interacting with application instances on the Platform though Visual Studio, Developers can view deployed instances of Add-Ons and get connection information and a Platform token for each instance.

The Apprenda Explorer for an connected Cloud will now separate Applications and Add-Ons into different sections.

Version 1.2.0 introduces the ability to view Add-Ons in Visual Studio



Minor Features/Improvements

  • The extension can now be used for across minor Platform versions without the need to reinstall a new extension version. VS Extension 1.0.0 is compatible with Platform version 6.5.2 and after
  • Updated icon images to reflect new Apprenda branding

Bug Fixes

  • If a singe application was in an invalid state, the entire application list would not show in the extension when connected to a cloud
  • The extension will remember User and Cloud input after edits have been made
  • The Test Connection option would report success despite unsupported protocols used to connect to a cloud
  • The extension was not disconnecting from a cloud properly