Release Notes for Apprenda 8.2.0

Release Date: January 12, 2018

Major Features

Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Support on Platform

As of Platform version 8.2.0, you can attach multiple Kubernetes clusters to the same Cloud, providing you with a single operational portal for managing all the clusters in your organization. See more about our multi-cluster support.

Minor Features and Improvements

  • The Platform now supports a new Federation model which allows a pluggable way to integrate with Identity and Access Management systems within your enterprise using a Federation Service Provider plugin.
  • Database provisioning has been improved to allow developers to use any ORM software, like Entity Framework Code First Migrations, to configure the data tier of an application. Developers can package Data Tier plugins into an application archive to run at deploy time to build their databases.

Breaking Changes

  • The Platform no longer supports new AD FS configuration for Identity Federation. If you already have AD FS configured for you Platform, it will continue to work with a 8.2.0 Platform, but you must migrate to the new Federation model before you upgrade to a later Platform version.