API Deprecation Policy


Apprenda includes  APIs for both .NET and Java guest applications. These APIs are used by guest applications to access contextual information provided by the Platform, such as information about the currently logged on user and their subscription information. The assemblies for these APIs are included in the Apprenda SDK.

This article describes our API change policy. For information on available APIs, see our API documentation. For general information on using the API, please refer to the Developer Topics section of our documentation.

API Deprecation Policy

To preserve simplicity and usability in the long term, sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the API that will require changes to the applications using the guest application APIs. When this happens, we notify our customers by publishing breaking changes in our release notes, and we minimize disruptions by supporting the deprecated functionality for one major release. 

Users of the deprecated API will receive standard compiler warnings (CS0612) for the Apprenda version that the deprecation is effective in. It should be noted that the deprecated API is subject to removal in the next major Apprenda Platform release.