Platform Operator Topics

This section includes in depth topics related to managingĀ anĀ Apprenda Cloud Platform. Many of these topics refer to specific use cases that you might want to implement on a Platform you manage.

Before implementing and of the following topics, read and understood the Getting Started section of documentation. You must also be a Platform Operator and have access to the System Operations Center before continuing with these topics.

What are you interested in?

Additional application hosting on Platform

  • Configure Support for Docker Workloads and Docker Configuration Custom Properties
  • Configuring the Platform to Support JBoss as a Java Hosting Container
  • Configuring the Platform for Windows Services in Guest Applications

User accounts for Platform and guest applications

  • Specifying Guest Application Service Accounts
  • Platform User Accounts and Privileges

Database management

  • Enterprise DBaas Administration
  • Always On Availability Groups Support for Platform Databases SQL Account Rotation
  • Support for SQL Server Database Windows Authentication (single-tenant .NET guest applications only)

Managing applications on the Platform

  • Platform Application Workflows
  • Configure Platform-Level Message Queues
  • Configure Automatic Application Onboarding for Specified Guest Applications
  • Load Files into the Application Server/Container for Java Web Application Workloads

Encryption on the Platform

  • Encryption and Key Management for Platform Secrets (Platform version 7.2.0 and later)
  • Internal Platform Encryption

Platform stability and troubleshooting

  • Platform Healing
  • Troubleshooting Failed Deployments
  • Resource Utilization Tracking
  • Apprenda Maintenance Mode