Configuring the Platform to Support JBoss as a Java Hosting Container

The Apprenda Platform supports both Tomcat and JBoss as Java hosting containers, but uses Tomcat by default. Tomcat is the default because it is open-source and can be installed by the Platform itself directly to any Linux servers that are part of a Platform.

Since JBoss EAP requires a commercial license, the Platform does not distribute a copy with the Platform installation. Your system administrator must install it to an identical path on any Linux servers that will use it. Once this is done, some simple configuration steps are necessary to enable JBoss hosting for Java Web Applications on your Apprenda environment. Supported versions of JBoss EAP are listed on our Supported Software Versions page.

Configuration options

Apprenda’s out-of-the-box support for JBoss is based on launching “standalone” servers containing the deployed workloads. In general, JBoss on the Platform supports the Java EE 6 Web Profile. While every effort has been made to allow developers as much freedom as possible in configuring and deploying applications, there are some limitations. An outline of Apprenda’s out-of-the-box support for JBoss can be found in this Developer Topic.

As needed, Platform Operators have the ability to modify how JBoss is deployed. Files may be added or in some cases (e.g., the standalone.xml file) modified when the JBoss container is deployed, thereby allowing significant control over the types of applications that can be supported on JBoss. These modifications can be configured as outlined in this Platform Operator topic.