Configure Automatic Application Onboarding for Specified Guest Applications

A guest application configured with Authorization or Multi-tenancy requires that a User be granted a subscription (or entitlement) to the application in order to access it.  In some cases it may be useful for a Platform Operator to specify a set of such applications to which Users are automatically granted subscriptions when they are added as a User to the Apprenda Platform.  This can be accomplished through the Platform’s Application Onboarding functionality.

Application Onboarding can be configured for Published applications through the following setting in the Platform Registry

Name Explanation Values
Citadel.AdditionalApplicationOnboardList Set a standard list of guest applications that users get when added to a tenant. Set a standard list of Published guest applications that users get when added to a tenant.

Simply add the application alias to the list of values for this setting; once the setting is saved, any new Users added to the Platform (either to existing Tenant Accounts/Development Teams or when new Tenant Accounts/Development Teams are created) will be granted subscriptions to the specified applications. Platform Users that exist prior to the addition of an application’s alias to the above setting will not be automatically granted subscriptions to the application.

If a specified application has more than one Plan listed in its User-based entitlement definition, the Plan automatically assigned to new Users will be determined by the following prioritized characteristics:

  • A Plan with no renewal period, if one exists, will be selected over a Plan with a renewal period.
  • Otherwise the first Plan specified in an Entitlement Definition will be selected.

Should a User be added to more than one Tenant, a subscription for any specified applications with Multi-tenancy will be created for the User under each individual Tenant.