Apprenda Maintenance Mode

The Apprenda Maintenance Mode (AMM) tool is a command-line interface for Platform Operators. The AMM works primarily against the Apprenda System Operations Center (SOC) application to facilitate a Platform Operator’s need to transition servers between states of involvement in the Platform to perform maintenance on the Platform infrastructure.

The AMM allows you to store multiple cloud URLs and access them by alias in the future in order to connect to an instance of the Apprenda Platform with your Platform Operator account credentials. Once connected to a particular Cloud, all servers on the cloud are available to move through state transitions depending on maintenance or capacity needs. 

Prerequisites for AMM Usage

The following are required to use most AMM functionality:

  • Platform Operator account on an instance of the Apprenda Platform
  • Cloud URL for your Platform; information on finding this can be found here

Note: AMM can only be executed from a Windows server. Once connected to a cloud, you can affect the state of every server in the cloud you are connected to.

Common AMM Workflows

The following are examples of common workflows for the AMM. A full list of commands can be found in the Commands section of this document or by using the ReadHelp command in a command-line interface.

Managing connections to an instance of the Apprenda Platform

Register an Apprenda instance:

amm RegisterCloud -url -alias mycloud

List current connection and registered clouds:

amm ReadStatus

Connect to a Platform instance:

If you belong to more than one Tenant on the Platform, be prepared to specify the alias under which you would like to connect by using the –DevTeamAlias shown below option

amm ConnectCloud -cloudalias mycloud -user -password mypassword -DevTeamAlias tenantAlias

Disconnect from a Platform instance:

amm DisconnectCloud

Checking Server State

amm GetNodeState -Hostname myserver

Updating Server State

The following command will set a server to a new state. Once the new state is updated, the Platform will begin to transition the server into the desired state. You should read and understand the different server states before updating any servers that are a part of your Apprenda environment, as changing server states can impact the available hosting resources on the Platform.

Note that this command can only place a server into the Online, Reserved, or Maintenance states, and a reason for the state transition must be provided at the time of the request.

amm SetNodeState -Hostname mysever -State Reserved -Maintenance -This server needs maintenance


General Usage

amm [command] [command_options]

For command help, execute ‘amm /?’ to get general information or ‘amm [command] /?’ for information on a specific command.


  • ‘[]’ parameters are optional, while ‘<> ’ parameters are required
  • If any values (including passwords) contain a non-alpha-numeric character (such as “@”), the value must be placed in quotation marks
  • Commands and inputs are not case sensitive (excluding passwords)
ConnectCloud -CloudAlias <CloudAlias> -User <Username> -Password <Password>
DisconnectCloud [-y] (-y forces disconnect without prompt)
GetNodeState –Hostname <-Hostname> [-Help]
ReadRegisteredClouds] [-Help]
ReadStatus [-Help]
RegisterCloud -Url <ApprendaCloudUrl> -Alias <CloudAlias> [-Help]
SetNodeState –Hostname <-Hostname> -State <-State> -Reason <-Reason> [-Help]

Note: SetNodeState can only transition a server to Online, Reserved, or Maintenance.

ReadHelp [<commandName>]

Additional Options


Any output generated by the command will be returned in JSON format


AMM will not prompt for input of required parameters that were not provided

--Output <outputFile>

Write output to both the console window and the specified file