Upgrading using the Apprenda Installer


Before upgrading, you should understand the processes around upgrading and make sure you Platform aligns with the outlined upgrade requirements in the Platform Upgrades guide.

Performing an Upgrade

To upgrade an existing Platform instance, run the Apprenda.Wizard executable and choose Upgrade from the initial menu. Click Next, and you will be taken to the Upgrade an Existing Platform screen.

In the Existing Environment URL box, enter the root URL of an existing Cloud on your environment.

Enter valid Platform Operator credentials in the Platform Operator and Password boxes. This must be a Platform User account that has been specified as a Platform Operator (either at installation, during a previous upgrade, or through the Platform Access section of the SOC).

Once you have entered the appropriate credentials, click Login to initiate a connection with the environment.  Once the login is successful, the page will display a “Connection Successful” message and indicate the Apprenda Platform version currently installed on the environment, as well as the version to which the environment will be upgraded.

Confirm that the version the environment will be upgraded to is correct and click Next.

In the Upgrade Configuration screen you will need to select how you want the Platform to handle the upgrade. By default, the Apprenda Installation Wizard is configured to perform an Automatic upgrade, meaning the Platform will handle the upgrade. If you wish to perform a Manual upgrade, meaning you wish to perform the upgrade steps, uncheck the first checkbox.  

Automatic upgrade:

Manual upgrade:

Manual Configuraiton Installer page

If you choose to perform an Automatic upgrade, configuration options can be set in the Automatic Upgrade box.

Set a Notification Email if you wish to receive emails in the event a Platform node fails to upgrade in addition to notifications shown in the Installer window. Please note that you may only use one email to receive notifications and if you do not include an email notifications will only appear in the Installer window.

The Recovery Method determines how the Platform will handle a node upgrade failure. You can chose to have the Platform automatically place nodes into maintenance and continue with the upgrade (the first option) or pause the upgrade on a server failure and manually resolve the issue before continuing with the upgrade (the second option).

If you choose to perform a Manual upgrade, please read about Manual upgrades to learn more about requirements for this workflow.

Please Note: In both Manual and Automatic upgrades, if too many nodes are placed into the Maintenance state there may not be enough resources available on the Platform to complete the upgrade without causing application downtime. Learn more about using Maintenance during upgrades.

The Apprenda User Interface Upgrade box will indicate if the Platform has enough capacity to upgrade the Apprenda Interfaces without downtime. Regardless of your upgrade path, this validation step will be run and you are given the option to allow downtime for Apprenda Interfaces when they are upgraded if there isn’t enough capacity on the Platform to upgrade them. If you choose to select this box, Apprenda Interfaces will experience downtime only when they are upgrading and the upgrade will continue. If you don’t allow downtime for Apprenda Interfaces, the upgrade will pause if more capacity is needed and you will need to manually add more capacity to the Platform. For the best experience for your Platform users it is recommended to not allow downtime for Apprenda Interfaces. Learn more about upgrading Apprenda Interfaces.

When all settings have been configured, select Next.

Regardless of the upgrade path you choose (Manual or Automatic), in the next few screens you will need to run some validation and pre-upgrade steps on your Platform. Click Validate My Configuration to start the validation.

When all steps have been completed successfully, click Next.

Before upgrading the Platform, several preparation steps need to be performed. In the Prepare for the Upgrade screen, click Prepare Platform to initiate the steps. When it is complete, click Next.

If you are performing an Automatic Upgrade, the next screen will be where you will start the upgrade on you Platform. Click Upgrade to start upgrading your Platform.

If you are performing a Manual upgrade, Platform Operators may begin upgrading your Platform servers at this screen. More information on how to upgrade can be found on the Platform Upgrade page. Once all servers have been upgraded return to this screen and perform validation tasks on your Platform to make sure that all servers not in maintenance have successfully upgraded. This window does not need to be open throughout the upgrade, you may close it window while upgrading and return to this screen by re-starting the Installer and reconnecting to your Platform.

When the upgrade validation tasks have passed, click Next.

Manual Upgrade Installer screen

Both Automatic and Manual upgrades will complete with the Finalize Upgrade screen where the Platform will perform some finalization tasks to finish the upgrade. Click Finalize the Upgrade.

Once the final upgrade steps have completed, your upgrade is complete. Click Next and from the Optional Component screen you will be able to install the Apprenda SDK for your new Platform version.

Click Finish to close out of the Apprenda Installation Wizard.