Upgrading from the Command Line

Before upgrading, read about the upgrade process to learn about upgrades on the Platform.


You have the ability to choose the upgrade path that is best for your Platform. More information about the new upgrade process can be found on the Platform Upgrades page.

To perform an Automatic upgrade, run:

AutomaticUpgrade  <-url> <-user> <-password> <-recoveryMethod> [-autoRepair] [-allowRestart] [-autoRetry] [-outputFile] [-upgradeFile] [-allowDowntime] [-email] [-quiet] [-help]

Note that you are required to provide a recovery method for this command. The recovery method can be Prompt or PlaceInMaintenanceMode.

Prompt means you want the Platform to halt the upgrade and notify you if a server fails to upgrade. The upgrade will be paused until you manually resolve the failure by fixing the issue or placing the server into maintenance.

PlaceInMaintenanceMode means that the Platform will automatically place servers that fail to upgrade into the Maintenance state and continue with the upgrade.

Note: If too many servers are placed in maintenance, application downtime may occur.

To perform a Manual upgrade, run:

ManualUpgrade <-url> <-user> <-password> [-autoRepair] [-allowRestart] [-autoRetry] [-outputFile] [-upgradeFile] [-allowDowntime] [-quiet] [-help]

Each command will initiate an upgrade and run some validation and pre-upgrade steps to prepare your Platform.

If you have chosen to run an Automatic upgrade, the Platform will continue to execute the upgrade after the pre-upgrade steps have completed.

If you are running a Manual upgrade, once the ManualUpgrade command finishes executing Platform Operators should begin upgrading your Platform (see Manual upgrade guidelines for more information). After Platform Operators have completed upgrading your Platform, execute the ManualUpgrade command again to begin some validation steps to make sure all Platform servers have been upgraded correctly. If the upgrade validation passes, run the ManualUpgrade command a final time to initiate upgrade finalization steps. After the finalization steps complete, your Platform should be successfully upgraded.

Please note: In both upgrade paths, if too many servers are placed into Maintenance during the upgrade, reducing the available hosting capacity of your Platform, your applications may experience downtime. Learn more about the use of Maintenance during upgrades.

Additional Upgrade Information

When upgrading Apprenda there may be additional information required for the new version that needs to be passed into the Install Wizard. When running the upgrade from the command line this information is provided via a text file specified using the –upgradeFile argument. The upgrade file has simple key-value pairs, one per line, with a colon separating the key from the value.