Audit Log Operations

The following list represents the operations tracked by your Platform in audit logs. Some of the operations log more than once to indicate when the Platform Started work on the operation, when work is Completed, or if the operation has Failed. Other operations only log once, on the operation’s Occurrence on the Platform. 

Developer Portal Operations


Platform logs on

Deleting Application Staretd/Completed
Demoting Application Version Completed
New Application Completed
New Application Version Completed
Patching Application Version Completed
Promoting Application Version Completed/Failed
Starting Application Version Started/Completed/Failed
Stopping Application Version Completed/Failed

SOC Operations

Operation Platform logs on
Custom Property Model Addition Started/Completed/Failed
Custom Property Model Modification Started/Completed/Failed
Custom Property Model Deletion Started/Completed/Failed
Custom Property Addition Started/Completed/Failed
Custom Property Modification Started/Completed/Failed
External Authorization Plugin Update Started/Completed/Failed
External Authorization Plugin Removal Started/Competed/Failed
External Authorization Header Modification Completed/Failed
External User Store Addition Started/Completed/Failed
External User Store Modification Started/Complete/Failed
Deployment Policy Creation Started/Completed/Failed
Deployment Policy Modification Started/Completed/Failed
Deployment Policy Deletion Started/Completed/Failed
Workload Account Creation Started/Completed/Failed
Workload Account Modification Started/Completed/Failed
Workload Account Deletion Started/Completed/Failed
Resource Policy Creation Started/Completed/Failed
Resource Policy Modification Completed/Failed
Resource Policy Deletion Completed/Failed
Custom Bootstrap Policy Creation Completed/Failed
Custom Bootstrap Policy Modification Completed/Failed
Static Bootstrap Policy Creation Completed/Failed
Static Bootstrap Policy Modification Completed/Failed
Bootstrap Policy Deletion Completed/Failed
Log Override Added Occurrence
Log Override Updated Occurrence
Log Override Removed Occurrence
Addition of an Operator to the SOC Started/Completed/Failed
Removal of and Operator from the SOC Started/Completed/Failed
Add-ons Upload Completed/Failed
Add-on Upload of New Version Completed
Add-on Updated Completed/Failed
Add-on Deletion Completed/Failed
Provision Add-on Started/Completed/Failed
De-Provision Add-on Started/Completed/Failed
Subscription Assignment to User Completed/Failed
Subscription Removal from User Completed/Failed
Addition of a Securable to Role Completed/Failed
Removal of a Securable from Role Completed/Failed
Addition of a User to a Role Completed/Failed
Addition of a Role to Tennant Completed/Failed
Removal of Members from a Role Completed/Failed
Persistence Partition Relocation Started/Completed/Failed
Log Deletion Started/Completed/Failed
User Addition Started/Completed/Failed
User Removal Started/Completed/Failed
Tennant Creation Started/Completed/Failed
Tennant Removal Started/Completed/Failed
User Addition to Tenant Completed
User Removal from Tennant Started/Completed/Failed
User Password Reset Completed/Failed
Login Failure Occurrence
Unauthorized Application Access Occurrence
Setting Registry Setting Value Completed/Failed
Deleting Registry Setting Value Completed/Failed
Setting Node State Started/Completed/Failed