AD FS Setup Guides (for Platform version 8.1.0 and before)

Note: As of Platform 8.1.0 AD FS is no longer the recommended method of Federated Identity management on the Platform. If you want to set up Federation on your Platform, or wish to move off AD FS, contact your support representative about the alternative method using Federation Service Provider plugins. Also note that support of AD FS on Platform is ending soon, and you must move to the new plugin model of Federation within the next release.

The Platform leverages Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) as a “Federation Broker” to support identity federation. AD FS and the Platform can then be configured to authenticate against an external user store (e.g. Active Directory). In Apprenda terminology, AD FS instances that are leveraged and managed by the Platform are called “AD FS nodes”.

For those who may not be familiar with AD FS setup, the attached guides provide information on configuring AD FS nodes for use with the Apprenda Platform. Setup information is based on scenarios that have been configured and tested by the Apprenda Client Services team.

IT professionals familiar with AD FS setup and configuration should feel free to forego this guide and configure AD FS nodes to meet the basic Apprenda requirements outlined in the Pre-Installation Checklist while keeping in accordance with the procedures outlined by their own enterprise IT policy.