The Licensing page displays information about your Apprenda License and how the resources defined in the License are in use on the Platform. It accessible from the Configuration menu in the SOC.

If you have any questions about your license, please contact you support representative.

License Information

Your Apprenda License defines the capacity of your Platform. The Licensing page shows how many resources you are licensed for and how many of those resources have been allocated on the Platform, shown as Allocated/Licensed. It will also show information about your license’s expiration date and Apprenda Platform features your Platform is licensed to use.

Licensing page

Expired or Over Capacity License

If your license expires or your Platform exceeds licensed capacity of any resource, the Platform will continue to function normally for its current Online or Reserved servers and deployed workloads, but you will not be able to restart a server or publish more applications to the Platform. A banner message will be displayed in the SOC to alert Platform Operators that the license is exceeded or expired.

Update the Platform License

Applying a New License File

From the bottom of the Licensing page you are able to upload a new license file to apply to the Platform. Click Browse to locate the new license file and then click Upload License. Once the upload is complete, the new license file will be applied immediately.