Cache Browser

The Cache Browser allows Platform Operators to see an overview of all values cached by the Platform, and to evict specific values or flush all cached values.

To view the Cache Browser, from the SOC, click on the Configuration link in the top menu and choose the Cache Browser option. The Cache Browser window will appear similar to this:

In this view, you can scroll through the list and select individual cached values by clicking on them. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple values. To search for specific values, or for values containing a specific string or word, type your search criteria into the input field labeled “Filter” at the top of the list; the list will be automatically filtered to display only values containing your search criteria.

When you have selected a value or values by highlighting them in the list, click the Evict Selected button to evict the selected values. To flush all cached values stored by the Platform, click the Flush All Caches button.

Additionally, to see which servers are part of the Platform’s distributed cache cluster and are hosting cached values, click the View Cache Nodes List button in the upper right.