Repository Browser

Use the Repository Browser to browse any disk location accessible on your network. It is designed primarily to allow you to use the SOC to access your environment’s Platform Repository, a centralized location (typically configured during installation as a network path or share) that the Platform uses to manage both application and node file assets.

By default, the File System page will load the mount points for two essential components of the Repository:

  • The Application Repository: a list of applications in the Repository.
  • The System Repository Root: the part of the Repository dealing with core pieces of Apprenda.

To select one of the default Repository mount points, click on the appropriate tab. The mount point itself will appear in the left pane with its folders hierarchically structured as a tree. In the right pane you will see the first level of folders and files.

To browse files, double-click on a folder to display its contents in the right pane. Once you are in a folder or sub-folder, double-click on the “..” folder to move up one level of the file hierarchy:

To download a file, right click on it and select Download