The System Operations Center (SOC)

The System Operations Center, or SOC, is the infrastructure management portal for your Apprenda Environment. The SOC is accessible via the following URL:

https://apps.[your root url here]/soc/

Depending on settings configured during Platform installation/upgrade, specific authorization may be required in order for Users to access the SOC (although the Platform Owner specified during the initial install is granted automatic access). Also see more on how additional Users can be granted access to the SOC.

SOC Dashboard

The SOC Dashboard provides Platform Operators with an overview of the current state of the Platform. By default, the only information initially displayed on the SOC Dashboard is a record of the last five Event Logs recorded by the system.

Note: The SOC Dashboard Recent Events section will only show “Error” or “Fatal” logs of guest applications or event logs generated by Apprenda services.


When Resource Throttling is Enabled, the SOC Dashboard provides information on the current overall allocation of resources and the top guest applications based on memory, CPU, and storage allocation.  The Resource Allocation pie charts to the left show a conglomeration of all server allocation information by default, but the results can be filtered by server type (Windows/Linux).