The Apprenda SDK

This page describes downloading and installing the Apprenda SDK. You can use the contents of the SDK, like the Apprenda Cloud Shell and Visual Studio templates, to help develop Platform applications.


The download the Apprenda SKD from Help section of the Developer Portal or from our Downloads page. The SDK version should match the version of the Apprenda Platform against you wish to develop.



Installation steps

  1. Download the SDK installer that corresponds to your Apprenda version. If you have an Apprenda instance, you can download the SDK from the Help section of your Developer Portal; otherwise, the SDK for the most recent version of Apprenda is available on our Downloads page.
  2. Launch the installer and click Next.
  3. Accept the licensing agreement and click Next.
  4. To install all components (listed below), click on the Complete option  and click Next.  For this option, the SDK will be installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Apprenda
  5. To select which components to install, click on the Custom option and click Next, which will allow you to select from the components below.  As needed, you can adjust the install path using the Browse button. 
  6. Click the Install button to complete the installation process, then click Finish to close the installer.

SDK Contents


  • .NET Guest Application API files: the public .NET API files available for .NET application development. See more about the .NET Guest Application API
  • Visual Studio templates: to facilitate the building and configuration of .NET applications to run on the Apprenda Platform

Java SDK

  • Java Guest Application API files: the public Java API files available for Java application development
  • Documentation (javadocs) for the Java Guest Application API


  • Archive Builder: for packaging completed .NET solutions as Apprenda Application Archives.  Please see the Packaging your Code to Run on the Platform section of the .NET Developer tutorial for instructions on using this tool
  • Mocker: used to configure Mock files used to mimic a live Apprenda environment when testing .NET apps locally. Please see the Adding Fine-Grained Subscription Definitions section of the .NET Developer tutorial for instructions on using this tool
  • Local API Host: used for locally testing .NET apps that use the .NET API

Apprenda Cloud Shell

  • The ACS is a command line tool for managing applications on the Platform (both .NET and Java).