Assigning Resource Policies and Storage Quotas

Resource Policies determine the maximum resources (Memory and CPU) allowed for each deployed service, UI, Windows Service, Java Web Application, and database component of your application. Storage Quotas determine the maximum size of the database partitions claimed by your application.   They are configured by Platform Operators when Resource Throttling is enabled on the Platform.  The number and types of Resource Policies and Storage Quotas available, as well as whether or not your Platform has default Resource Policy and Storage Quota which are initially assigned to app components, are configured by your Platform Operator.

Throttling of database Memory and CPU with Resource Policies is not supported by default when Resource Throttling is enabled. You will only be able to assign Storage Quotas to database components. If you wish to use Resource Policies to manage your application databases, contact your Platform Operator about configuring the Platform to support it.

Note: If Resource Throttling is enabled and you do not have active Resource Policies and an active Storage Quota assigned to your application’s components, you will not be able to promote your application to the Sandbox or Published stages, nor will you be able to deploy new component instances via the Scale tab. If your application has already been Published, you will not be able to launch the application.

View and Assign Resource Policies and Storage Quotas

Resource Policy/Storage Quota assignment is done by application version (and is not an Application Setting that applies to all versions). To view and configure Resource Policies and Storage Quotas for your application, from the Scale tab, click on the Policies sub-tab.

This will take you to the Resource Policy/Storage Quota assignment page.  From this page, choose the component type you would like to view from the Application Tier dropdown menu; once a component type (Database Storage Quota, Databases, Java Web Applications, Web Services, Web Sites, Windows Services) is selected, the Components list will display all components of that type associated with your application version, as well as information about the Resource Policy/Storage Quota currently associated with each specific component.  To the right, under the Add to New Policy column, you will see a list of all existing Resource Policies/Storage Quotas available to be assigned to the component type you selected:

Components that do not have active Resource Policies/Storage Quotas assigned (either explicitly or by default) will indicate “none” under the Policy (or Quota) column.

To change the Resource Policy/Storage Quota assignment for a component, click on the the component in the Components table that you’d like to update, and it will be highlighted in the list (you may also select multiple components at a time by using Ctrl+click, or by checking the Select all components box).  Next, drag the component(s) to the new Resource Policy/Storage Quota you’d like to assign to the selected component(s):

Drop the component(s) being dragged on the desired Policy/Quota, and you will see the new Policy/Quota listed for the component(s) in the table to the left (although your change will not yet be saved until you click the Save button as described below).

When assigning a new Storage Quota to a database component, you will also be able to select the number of Storage Blocks to be allocated through the Storage Quota to that database component’s partition.  After you’ve dragged and dropped the DB component to the new Storage Quota you want to assign to it, you will see a pencil icon next to the currently-assigned number of blocks under the Blocks Allocated column for the DB component on the table to the left.  Click that pencil icon, and you will be able to modify the number of Storage Blocks assigned to the DB component’s partition:

Choose the number of Blocks to assign, and click the Apply button.

After all desired updates to Resource Policy/Storage Quota assignments have been made, click the Save button in the bottom right to save your changes.  You can also click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes.

Your Platform Operator may also choose to update or discontinue certain Resource Policies/Storage Quotas after you have assigned them to components.  Depending on the updates made, this may change the resource limits assigned to your components, or may render a previously active Policy/Quota inactive.  In the latter case you may need to assign a different Policy/Quota to your components. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Resource Policies/Storage Quotas available, please contact your Platform Operator.