Provisioning Add-Ons in the Developer Portal

Depending on settings configured by the Platform Operator, Your Apprenda environment may offer extended functionality through Platform Add-Ons.  If this is the case, you will be able to provision, de-provision, and consume individual instances of any Add-On that has been made available to your Development Team.

Provisioning and Managing Add-On Instances

You can provision and manage individual Add-On instances that can be consumed by your guest applications as follows:

Add-On instances can also be provisioned through the Developer Portal. This can be done by clicking on the Add-On Services option in the left navigation menu:

This will display the Add-On Services available to your Development Team.  Select the Add-On Service you wish to provision by double-clicking on it or highlighting it and clicking on the Manage link in the page footer. This will bring up a page specific to the selected Add-On:

If present, you can click on the Additional Parameters link to see any additional information required to provision the Add-On. 

Click on the + sign to open up a modal that will allow you to input an instance alias and specify any required or optional parameters for your Add-On Service Instance. Some Add-Ons may also allow you to specify a user-defined parameter name and value for the instance (through the Add New Row + option):

Once you have configured the Add-On settings, click on the Apply button to provision the instance. Please see this Developer Topic for information on Consuming Add-On instances in Guest Applications.