WCF Services in Cloud Control

Please note: if your application does not have a WCF Services component, this section of the Cloud Control Panel will not be accessible for that application.

Each Windows Communication Foundation service you deploy as part of your product can be managed individually on the system, including how many instances of the service are available to handle requests.  To view or manage the number of instances available, click on the Web Services link on the Cloud Control panel, which will take you to the Web Services page for this version of the application.

This page will list each service included in your application, and will display the current number of instances deployed for each service:

Although Apprenda automatically deploys service instances as needed, you can manually deploy additional service instances from this page by using the Deploy New Instance and Undeploy Instance links for each service.  Click on the API Endpoints tab for a given service to view its API Endpoints.

To view more information about currently deployed service instances, click on the View Deployed Instances link for a service:

From this page you can view deployed instances and their location, and can also deploy additional service instances via the Deploy New Instance link.  You can remove specific service instances by marking the appropriate checkboxes and clicking the Undeploy Selected Instances link.

Resource Policies

If Resource Throttling is enabled on your Platform, the Web Services page will display the name of the Resource Policy currently assigned to each of your application’s Services.  

If Resource Utilization is enabled, you will see Resource Utilization metrics listed for each service on its View Deployed Instances page.  To expand this information for a service instance, click on the corresponding Stats link, which will open up more detailed CPU and Memory Utilization data for that instance.

The initial diagrams will display utilization information over a set period of time determined by the selection made in the pulldown menu just above the instance listings.  You may also choose to view current utilization data by clicking on the Toggle Realtime Data link for a given service instance.

Please note that you will be unable to deploy new service instances if Resource Throttling is enabled on your Platform and you do not have a valid Resource Policy assigned to your services.  Please see the Resource Policies section of our Application Deployment documentation for more information.