Define Features

Features can be configured for applications with Authorization or Multi-tenancy.


As a short-cut for the initial upload of a Deployment Archive, Feature tokens will be populated automatically based on the Features defined in the DeploymentManifest.xml file. 

For all subsequent uploads and patches, you will need to either update the DeploymentManifest.xml file or update Feature tokens manually to correspond with changes made in the code.  In addition, you may wish to add Features that are not tied to your application’s code to your monetization strategy. 

There are four specific types of Features: Toggle, Block, Boundary and Limiter Features (for more on the four types of Features, see Key Concepts & Terminology).

The quantities associated with Blocks, Boundaries and Limiters are determined in the Entitlement Definition. However, before a Feature can be used in an Entitlement Definition, you must create a Feature token that defines the Feature’s name and type; this is done on the Features page of each application version.

To add or update Feature tokens manually:

In the Additional Controls section of the Developer Portal, navigate to the appropriate Version Overview page and click on the Definition icon in the upper right corner. This will take you to the Version Application Definitions page. Click on the Features icon in the submenu that has now appeared.  This will take you to the Version Features page:

In the Feature Listing table to the right, you will see the code-linked Features automatically populated when you first uploaded your Deployment Archive.  You can use the New Feature box on the left to add a Feature that is not linked to the code, or to include a code-linked Feature added in a later upload or patch.  Simply input a name for your new Feature and select a Feature Type from the pull-down menu.  If you are adding a Feature to correspond with changes made to your application’s code, the Feature name and type must match the name and type defined in your code.  Click on the Create Feature button and your new Feature token will now appear in the Feature Listing table.

To delete an existing Feature token, simply click on the red box containing the white “X” to the right of the Feature that you wish to delete.  Click “Yes” on the confirmation prompt to complete the process.

To edit an existing Feature token, click on the paper and green pencil icon to the right of the Feature you wish to edit.  This will generate editable fields that will allow you to make and save changes to the Feature’s name and type.