How Tenants Access Entitlement Definitions for Multi-tenant Applications

Once an application is Published, Apprenda creates a user-facing Storefront page where Tenants can view the Entitlement Definition for your application.  The URL for this page is not automatically made public, but can be found in the Entitlements page of the Developer Portal for the application:

1.    Navigate to the Entitlements page for the current version of your product.

2.    The URL in the Procurement Instructions section of the page can be copied and pasted into a browser window in order to access the application’s Storefront page.

The Storefront URL will always link to the active Entitlement Definition for your application, which is the published Entitlement Definition for the version of a product that is currently in the Published stage.  Should you publish a new Entitlement Definition for the Published version, or Publish a new application version, the link will not need to be updated as it will automatically link to whatever Entitlement Definition is active.

If you wish to allow Tenants to self-provision, simply make the Storefront URL available to them so that they can make an initial subscription procurement for the application. As needed, the Storefront URL  can be added as a link from your Organization’s website or wherever you would like to offer your application. If you are not authorized to make changes to your Organization’s website, contact your corporate website manager to complete this step.

Should Tenants choose to make a procurement, they will be prompted to log in to their Account Portal to complete the transaction.  If they do not have a current Tenant Account on your Apprenda Platform, they will be prompted to create one, which will give them access to their own Account Portal environment so they can manage the subscriptions they have procured.  Once Tenant has made an initial subscription procurement of your application, they will be able to procure additional subscriptions through a link in the Account Portal.

If you do not wish to allow your Tenants to self-provision, you may follow the steps above to make an initial subscription procurement on their behalf; as needed, you may also create and/or manage Tenant Account for them.