Additional Controls in the Developer Portal

The Developer Portal allows users with the appropriate subscription and securables to view and manage applications. In the Additional Controls section of the Developer Portal, you will find controls for your multi-tentant applications.

Contact your Account Administrator for more information about your access to the Developer Portal and how to get access.

How do I navigate to and from the Developer Portal Additional Controls?

You can navigate to the Additional Controls section from the main Developer Portal.

Click on the person and arrow icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Developer Portal. This will open a top menu bar where you can find the Access Additional Controls link.

This will take you to a list of your Development Team’s applications. To access controls for an application, click the Application name and then version. It should be noted that some of the workflow that you can perform in the main section of the Developer Portal can also be performed in the Additional Controls section (such as creating a new application); however, we recommend using the main section of the Developer Portal in order to take advantage of its optimized design.

From the Additional Controls section, the main section of the Developer Portal can be accessed from the Return to the Developer Portal link in the upper right-hand corner.

Login defaults and cookies

  • The DefaultToLegacyDeveloperPortal setting, which is configured by your Platform Operator. When set to “True”, all Developer Portal users will be directed to the Additional Controls section upon login.
  • If the DefaultToLegacyDeveloperPortal setting is set to “False”, users will initially be directed to the main section of the Developer Portal. If the user clicks on the “Access Additional Controls” link, the Platform will create a cookie that sets the user’s preference for the Additional Controls section. Clicking on the “Return to the Developer Portal” link will remove the cookie. When the cookie is present, it will direct the user to the Additional Controls when logging into the Developer Portal; if it is not present, the user will be directed to the main section of the Developer Portal.
  • It should be noted that your Platform Operator may also configure other Platform Settings that will affect login behavior.

What can I do in the Additional Controls section?

The majority of Developer Portal functionality can be managed through the main section of the Developer Portal. In order to see a list of functionality that is available only in the Additional Controls section, scroll over the Access Additional Controls link in the top menu of the main section of the Developer Portal. At present this encompasses the functionality covered in the pages listed below.

In addition, you can access the Account Portal from the Additional controls section be clicking on the Manage Your Organization link at the top right corner of the page.