Updating User Profiles

Updating User Profiles

From your Users page, look at the list of your Organization’s Users on the right side of the screen. Click on the name of the Platform User or Contact for whom you would like to update information.  This will take you to your selected User Profile:  

To update a User’s name, click on the Edit Profile button in the User Profile box on the upper left side of your screen.  This will generate an editable information field that will allow you to make and save your desired changes.

To add a physical location affiliated with the User, look to the User Locations box on the lower right side of the page.  To add a new address, fill in the fields under the New Location header on the left side of the box and click on the Create button.

To update a physical location affiliated with a User, click on the appropriate location label under Location Information.  This will take you to a profile page specifically for that location:

To update information for the address you have selected, click the Edit Profile button in the Profile box on the left side of the screen, which will generate editable information fields that will allow you to make and save the desired changes.  To add additional contact information, such as a phone number or email address, specific to that location, fill in the desired information in the Add location details field on the right side of the Location Details box; select the appropriate details label from the corresponding pull-down menu, and then click on Add.

Please note that the Addresses section of a User Profile allows you to list personal contact information for a specific User, but it does not provide a link to your Organization addresses or contact information that appears in the Account Profile.