Types of Subscriptions

A subscription is a contract that authorizes access an application for a set period of time with agreed-upon terms.  In Apprenda there are two basic types of subscriptions:

1.  A User Subscription is required for an Apprenda User to access a subscribed application. You must create a User Subscription to an application for each individual User who needs to access the application and assign it to their User account.

While it is possible for more than one member of your Organization to access a single User Account (and thus share a subscription), only one instance of a single User account can access either the Account Portal and/or a subscribed application at the same time.  For persons requiring exclusive access to an application, a separate User account and assigned User Subscription would be required.

Your application provider may offer a number of User Subscription plans that offer different options for features and span different renewal units (daily, monthly, yearly, etc.).

Once you have acquired one or more User Subscriptions, you may acquire more as needed either through your application provider’s website or the corresponding Add More Subscriptions icon in the Applications page of the Account Portal.

2.  An Account Subscription is required for some, but not all, applications in order to access certain application features.  Whether or not an Account Subscription is needed is determined by your application provider. If an Account Subscription is required for an application, you will be offered the option to procure one during the initial creation process for the application.  If an application provider does not utilize Account Subscriptions, you will not have the option to procure one. Your Account can have only one Account Subscription for each subscribed application; if an Account Subscription has already been acquired for an application, you will not be able to acquire additional Account Subscriptions for that application.  You can, however, choose to amend the current Account Subscription.