Accessing Subscription Information

From the Applications page you will find links that allow you to launch your subscribed applications, as well as access subscription information and controls:  

To view subscription information for subscriptions that you already have, click on the Subscriptions and Usage link for that application.  This will take you to the Subscriptions & Usage page for that application, where you can see how many and what types of subscriptions you have for the application.  For instance, this is what a Subscriptions & Usage page might look for the Super Calculator app, which has Account and User-based subscriptions:  

Please note: while all applications will have User-based subscriptions, not all applications will have an Account subscription.

Note that you can only have one Account, but can have more than one type of User-based subscription.  In the case of the Super Calculator example above, the application provider has established at least three different plans for the application, and the Organization represented in the Account Portal has procured multiple subscriptions to all three.  Subscriptions to each plan above are organized into their own Subscription Group.

A Subscription Group is a collection of individual User subscriptions that are all part of the same plan, have the same optional features, and share the same renewal unit.  If any of these differ among subscriptions, they will not be sorted into the same Subscription Group.  For instance, if you purchase a new subscription that has the same plan and optional features as an existing Subscription Group, but is charged by a different renewal unit (e.g., monthly instead of yearly), the new subscription will not be added to that existing Subscription Group.

To view information for a Subscription Group, click on its name to navigate to its Subscription Group Profile.

To change the Group Name for a particular Subscription Group, click on the Change Group Name button on the upper left of the Group Profile box. This will generate an editable information field that will allow you to make and save the desired changes to your Group Name.

To view individual subscriptions in a Subscription Group, from the Subscription Group Profile click on either the Subscriptions icon listed on the top right menu, or the View Subscriptions option under the Subscription Breakdown section in the upper right portion of the Group Profile box. This will take you to a page that lists each individual subscription in this Group.  Click on the individual subscription you would like to view, which will take you to the Subscription Profile page for your chosen subscription.

To create a custom label for an individual User subscription, click on the Edit Profile button in Subscription Profile box. This will generate an editable information field that will allow you to create and save your custom label.