Account Portal Securables

Creating Administrative Users

It may prove useful to your Organization to grant Account Portal Securable permissions to select Roles so that Users other than the Account Administrator can function as Administrative Users. By default, Users have no access to Account Portal Securables until they are assigned to a Role that has been given such Securable permissions.   

Please note: the Account Portal functions outlined in this documentation can only be accessed by Users who have been assigned to Roles with the appropriate Account Portal Securable permissions; the only exception is the User designated as Account Administrator, who has automatic access to all Account Portal and Application Securable permissions.

To assign Account Portal Securables to a Role, navigate to your Applications page and click on the Access Control & Security icon that corresponds to the Account Portal. This will take you to the Security page for the Account Portal: 

In the Security Matrix, you will see a list of your Organization’s Roles listed along the top.  In the left column you will see a list of Securables for the Account Portal.  To grant a Role permission for a Securable, mark the box for that Securable underneath the corresponding Role.  The Account Portal Securable permission you have selected will be automatically granted to that Role.

Non-Administative Users

Non-Administrative Users are Users who are not assigned to a Role, or who are assigned to Roles with no access to Account Portal Securables. In accordance with the needs of your Organization, you can use your Role configurations and membership to limit Account Portal Securable permissions for a number of Users associated with your Account.

With the exception of the Account Administrator (who always has access to all Securables for the Account Portal and all subscribed applications), by default Users are denied access to Securables for both the Account Portal and subscribed applications until they are assigned to a Role that has been given Securable permissions.  Unless you specifically assign Users to a Role with Account Portal Securable permissions, they will function primarily as Non-Administrative Users.

Account Portal Access as a Non-Administrative User

Whenever an Apprenda User is created, a subscription to the Account Portal is automatically created for and assigned to them.  This means that all Users associated with your Account can log in to the Account Portal and access the Account Portal Dashboard; in fact, Users will automatically be directed to your Account’s Account Portal Dashboard upon completing the initial password set-up process for their User Accounts.  However, Non-Administrative Users will have only limited access to Account Portal functions.

For example, Non-Administrative Users will be able to access and see the Account Profile screen, but will not have the capabilities to update the Account Profile or change associated addresses.  While this page will give them the name and e-mail address for their Account Administrator, it will not allow them to change the Account Administrator.

From the Users page, Non-Administrative Users can view User Name and E-mail Address information ** for all Users associated with the Account.  However, they cannot add, delete or modify Users.

From the Applications page, Non-Administrative Users can view all applications associated with their Account by means of the Your Applications matrix. As is the case with all Users, a Launch icon will appear to the right of all applications for which a Non-Administrative User has been assigned a subscription.  A No Subscription icon will appear to the right of applications for which the User has not been assigned a subscription.

To access a subscribed application, all a User needs to do is click on the Launch icon.