Assigning Securables to Roles

Navigate to your Applications page by selecting the Applications option from the menu bar at the top of the screen.  Locate the application for which you would like to assign Securable permissions, and click on the corresponding Access Control & Security icon to the right of the name of your selected application. This will send you to the Security page for the application you have selected:

In the Security Matrix, you will see a tab for Standard and Runtime Securables.  Under each tab you will see a list of your Organization’s Roles running horizontally along the top of the matrix.  In the left column you will see a list of Securables for that application.  To grant a Role permission for a Securable, mark the box for that Securable underneath the corresponding Role.  The Securable permission you have selected will be granted automatically to that Role.

Standard Securables will not change unless your application provider makes changes to your application’s code through the release of a new version of the software.

Runtime Securables are a special type of Securable built in to some—but not all—applications. The list of Runtime Securables will change as Users access and change an application. For instance, a version of the Taskr sample app with enabled Runtime Securables allows certain Users to create and secure tags.   Once a tag is secured within the application, the Runtime Securables list in the Account Portal is updated automatically so that access to the secured tags can be restricted to certain Roles in the same way that Securable permissions for Standard Securables can be restricted.