Manage Your Account Profile

Initial Account Set-Up

Before your Organization could complete its initial application subscription procurement, the Platform prompted the individual making the transaction to enter information about your Organization and create a User login. This process created a Tenant Account for your Organization, as well as a User Account for the individual who made the transaction. The Platform will also make this individual’s User Account login as the Account Administrator of your Organization account.

When a Tenant Account is created, it generates a unique Account Portal environment specific to the Organization, Company, or subgroup within a Company that subscribes to any of the application products offered by an affiliated application provider.

Once a Tenant Account has been established, you can use your Account Portal to assign access to other individuals within the Organization to the applications your Tenant is subscribed. To do so, you must first create a User Account for each individual. Each User Account is assigned its own Login username and password by which individuals can access the Account Portal and all applications to which they have been assigned subscriptions.

Securables are specific functions of an application that can be access-restricted. Application providers designate which functions can be access-restricted; Account Administrators must designate which Users have access to these functions.

Similar to the root user in Unix-style operating systems or the Administrator in Windows operating systems, the User Account designated as the Account Administrator automatically has access to all Securables of the Account Portal as well as to all Securables of the Organization’s subscribed applications.  The designation of Account Administrator is initially attached to the User Account that is set up in conjunction with the establishment of a Tenant Account. An Account Administrator can choose to transfer the designation of Account Administrator to another User Account affiliated with the Organization’s Tenant Account (See more on changing your account administrator).