Introduction to Kubernetes


This introductory course provides a conceptual and architectural overview of Kubernetes. The course also introduces attendees to basic workflows using Kubectl and the Dashboard.

Audience Developers, Platform Operators, IT Professionals, any individual looking for a solid introduction to Kubernetes
Delivery Method Instructor led (classroom or on-site for up to 20 attendees)
Length 2 days 
Language English
Prerequisites None
Required Materials Laptop with an internet connection (for participation in lab activities)


Attendees who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Speak intelligently about Kubernetes features, benefits, and basic use cases
  • Explain the benefits and shortcomings of containers, and how Kubernetes can help resolve these issues
  • Describe the architecture of Kubernetes and its different components
  • Create, configure and run clusters
  • Deploy and manage workloads 


Although our instructor-led courses may be customized to specific training needs, this course typically consists of the following:

Module 1: Kubernetes and Containers Basics

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Trends: Monolithic to Distributed
  • Containers History, Features & Benefits
  • Kubernetes History, Features & Benefits
  • Use Cases 
  • Kubernetes Ecosystem: Community, Contributions, Governance, Integrations

Module 2: Kubernetes Architecture

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Kubernetes Concepts and Components:

    • Pods, labels and selectors
    • Networking
    • Control Loops
    • Services
    • Deployments
  • Creating and Administering Clusters

Lab: Installing and Running Kubernetes Using Minikube

Module 3: Kubernetes Users Tools

This module covers the tools used to access clusters and deploy and manage workloads

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Overview of Kubectl and the Dashboard
  • Running and Configuring Single and Multi-Container Pods
  • Deploying, launching, exposing and killing applications through Kubectl and the Dashboard

Lab: Configuring and Deploying an Application on Kubernetes

Required Materials

Attendees who wish to participate in the lab sections of this course should bring a laptop with internet access; the instructor will provide access to a Kubernetes training environment. As determined by available resources, attendees may be asked to work in pairs or groups for portions of this course.