Advanced Developer Workflows


The course covers advanced Developer (application creation and management) workflows.

Audience Developers
Delivery Method Instructor led (classroom or on-site for up to 20 attendees)
Length 1 day 
Language English
Prerequisites Introduction to the Apprenda Cloud Platform
Required Materials Laptop with an internet connection (for participation in lab activities); supported version of Visual Studio (for participation in labs that use Apprenda developer tools)


Attendees who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Deploy applications on the Apprenda Cloud Platform using advanced configuration options
  • Manage resource policies, tagging, logging, and patching for deployed applications
  • Use Apprenda's developer tools for application deployment and management
  • Assess the suitability of existing application for deployment on the Platform
  • Describe the process of migrating existing application to the Platform


Although our instructor-led courses may be customized to specific training needs, this course typically consists of the following:

Module 1: Application Configuration

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Configuring an application with a Deployment Manifest
  • Application settings deep dive
  • Component settings overview
  • Features & Securables
  • ​Entitlements

Lab: Configuring and Deploying a Multi-tenant Application on the Apprenda Cloud Platform

Module 2: Application Management

  • Resource Policies
  • Monitoring and Event Log Overrides
  • Custom Properties
  • Patching

Module 3: Developer Tools

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Apprenda Cloud Shell (CI/CD)
  • Apprenda SDK
  • Apprenda Visual Studio Extension

Module 4: Application Assessment

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • App Categorization
  • Cost Modeling
  • Automation

Module 5: Application Migration

  • Migrating Applications
  • Logging
  • Common Concerns

Instructor-led Demonstration: Migrating an App to the Apprenda Cloud Platform

Required Materials

Attendees who wish to participate in the lab sections of this course should bring a laptop with internet access; the instructor will provide access to an Apprenda Cloud Platform training environment. Attendees who wish to participate in the developer tools lab should have the most recent version of the Apprenda SDK (and a supported version of Visual Studio) installed as well. As determined by available resources, attendees may be asked to work in pairs or groups for portions of this course.