Introduction to Cloud Native Architecture and Development


This course provides an introduction to the architecture of cloud native applications and development patterns. It covers in details Microservices development and deployment processes.


Audience Developers, Platform Operators, IT Professionals, any individual looking for a solid introduction to Cloud Native Architecture and Development.
Delivery Method Instructor led (classroom or on-site for up to 20 attendees).
Length 1 day
Language English
Prerequisites None
Required Materials None


Attendees who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Define Cloud Native and its structure.
  • Explain the different patterns used in developing cloud native applications
  • Differentiate between monolithic and microservices design
  • Refactor applications to microservices
  • Develop and deploy microservices


Although our instructor-led courses may be customized to specific training needs, this course typically consists of the following:

Module 1: Cloud Native App Architecture Patterns

This module introduces the basics of cloud native applications architecture and how it differs from monolithic architecture.

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • What does Cloud Native mean?
  • Why Cloud Native Application Architecture?
  • Monolithic Architecture
  • Cloud-native application Characteristics
  • The Twelve Factor Application and beyond

Module 2: Introduction to Microservices

This module covers general architecture of Microservices and the concepts that drives their design.

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Overview of Microservices
  • Service Discovery
  • Microservices Communication Mechanisms
  • Event-Driven Microservices and Data Consistency
  • Microservices Challenges

Module 3: Developing and Deploying Microservices

This module provides a practical knowledge for refactoring to and developing Microservices.

Typical Lesson Plan:

  • Refactoring to Microservices
  • Developing Microservices
  • Overview of Microservices SDLC