Technical Bulletin: Cannot deploy workloads with memory allocations of 4GB or more

Initial publication: December 6, 2011
Last reviewed on: December 6, 2011
Last updated on: December 6, 2011

The Apprenda platform makes it possible to create resource policies that limit memory usage by deployed websites and services. It is not possible to deploy either a service or a website using a resource policy with a memory limit of 4GB (4096 MB) or larger. This effectively caps the maximum memory amount that can be specified to 4095 MB.


If all of the following conditions are true, this error occurs:

  • Resource Policy Management (Resource Throttling) must be turned On
  • An active, deployable policy exists specifying a maximum memory amount of 4096 MB or higher
  • This policy applies to the website or service you are deploying, via one of the criteria below

    • The website or service is configured to use the policy explicitly
    • The policy is configured to be used by default


Apprenda has confirmed that this is an issue for customers running the affected versions below. This problem has since been resolved and does not occur in later versions. Customers can resolve this issue by upgrading to the next release when it becomes available. 

Is there a Manual Workaround?

There is no manual workaround. The maximum resource policy size is currently capped at 4095 MB.

Applicable Component(s):

  • Host Controller

Affected Version(s):

  • 3.0.0
  • 3.0.1