Technical Bulletin: End of Life for Free Apprenda Email Service on Apprenda 5.0 & 5.5

During installation of Apprenda, Apprenda Express, Apprenda VM templates, or the Apprenda images for Azure and AWS, customers have an option to utilize Apprenda's free cloud-based email service.  In Apprenda 6.0, released in 2015, we replaced the email service implementation with a new provider.  This change was transparent to users at the time.

However, if you've installed and are running an Apprenda version prior to 6.0 and you are using the free email service, you will be impacted by the upcoming shutdown of the email provider previous versions used.  The end of life date is October 26, 2015.

In order to continue using the free email service, users must upgrade to Apprenda 6.0+