Platform Operations REST API Version 1

The Platform Operations REST API is a REST (representational state transfer) API that can be used to customize the Platform Operator experience of managing infrastructure for the Apprenda Platform. This allows much of the functionality of the Platform's System Operations Center (SOC) to be accomplished through a variety of means such as custom-built UX or command-line interfaces.

The documentation for this API is intended for those tasked with customizing the infrastructure management experience for their Platform Operators. When practical, links have been provided from specific API resources to the SOC functionality they capture; a general list of Apprenda Platform-specific Key Concepts and Terminology is available in the Understanding the Apprenda Platform section of our Platform documentation.

A set of guidelines for accessing Platform Operations REST API resources are outlined below, followed by the authentication requirements for accessing these resources and a general list of expected HTTP response codes.  A Resource Reference follows where resources are organized according to specific infrastructure management functions.