6.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: April 7, 2017

Minor Features/Improvements

  • Additional endpoint have been added to the Platform Operations to allow Platform Operators to get information about the nodes on the Platform, the workloads running on a given node, update Custom Properties, and get audit records and Platform Logs

  • The Platform can now host multiple instances of a .NET UI component of an application on the same server. Note that session replication must be disabled for the application to do this

  • Improved processes around SQL password rotation. This includes providing mechanics for better usability around SQL Server account credential rotation and Platform Operators now have the ability to separate SQL Server operations into unique accounts for the purposes of reducing privileges.

Bug Fixes​

Apprenda Installer & Upgrade

  • Fixed SQL Exception placeholder in ACP MSI install method

System Operations Center (SOC)

  • Fixed node healing setting in Application.conf file on Linux nodes
  • Corrected search and display issues with Platform Audit logs in the SOC


  • Remediated user profile access control vulnerability in Account Portal
  • Improved input validation in Add Registy Setting field in SOC
  • Removed plain text password from ACP Installer logs

Developer Portal and Tools

  • Enhanced input validation around Vanity URL field in Dev Portal

Guest Application Creation and Management

  • Supply appropriate JRE Certificates in Tomcat conf/trust.jks keystore
  • Fixed guest application database token switching issues when patching an application