6.6.0 Release Notes

Release Date: February 6, 2017

Major Features


Account Portal API

The Platform Account Portal can can now be accessed via the Account Management REST API. This can be used manage user accounts, roles, and securable, and the relationships between users and Tenant applications. Account Management REST API can also be used to create and manage application plans and subscriptions.

See more information on the Account Management REST API.

Minor Features/Improvements

  • Performance enhancements have been introduced for application promotions, deployments, and Platform upgrades, by zipping application archives before transfer from the Platform Repository to a server during application deployment.
  • Added support for Docker 1.13
  • Updated jQuery versions across all Platform UIs
  • The Platform Installer, System Operations Center, and Developer and Account Portals have been updated with the new Apprenda logo and color scheme
  • Platform Operators can now view and management Server Health Report history in the SOC
  • The Platform Linux Container was updated to run on Java 8
  • The default JRE versions shipped with the Platform updated to 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8. JRE 1.8 is now the default for app Java app deployments
  • Platform healing can now be enabled or disabled on a per-Linux server basis. When Platform healing is enabled, Platform Operators can override the global setting and turn off healing on a subset of the Linux servers connected to the Platform

Breaking Changes

Support for the following has been removed as of this release:

  • Repair UI option in the SOC for .NET UI. Problems with .NET UIs are corrected automatically by Platform healing
  • Single file patching for non-database files through the Additional Access Controls section of the Developer Portal (application patching is now only available by application archive upload)
  • Sorting users by Tenant on the Users page in the SOC
  • Scaling of database application components in the Developer Portal

Bug Fixes​

Apprenda Installer & Upgrade

  • When adding additional clouds to the Platform, the initial cloud URI can now be used as part of the new cloud's URI
  • During upgrade, the Platform was not setting the READ permission for the signing certificate Keys for IIS_IUSRS
  • The removal of a Windows node from the Platform via the Apprenda Installer's "Modify Workflow" was being prevented in certain cases
  • The Ensure Apprenda UIs Exist upgrade step would fail repeatedly and then pass without changes to the Platform
  • Occasionally, the Platform would fail to upgrade successfully when the option to allow downtime was selected
  • Updated Apprenda Installer to allow an AD FS farm to be added to a Platform during installation
  • Fixed application scaling features as a result of the work performed in the Zero Downtime for guest applications during a Platform upgrade
  • Fixed bugs related to guest application downtime during upgrades from Platform version 6.5.2/6.5.3 to 6.6.0

System Operations Center (SOC)

  • Platform healing now stops and restarts Linux workloads whose cgroups have escaped instead of undeploying/waiting for redeploy, which improves performance
  • Audit logs will now show the user id in the log when a new Tenant Admin User is created
  • Improved error messages in cases where workloads cannot be deployed due to deployment hosts being unavailable
  • Custom Properties that were not visible or editable for developers are now visible to Platform Operators
  • Corrected the improper creation of new log overrides in the SOC when editing existing log overrides. The Platform now correctly deletes the pre-existing override and replaces it with the new (edited) one.
  • Confirmation prompts were added to warn Platform Operators about potential harmful actions of deleting Run as User Accounts and placing a Tenant into maintenance
  • Fixed alignment for Process Id column
  • Platform Operators were able to delete their own user account
  • Java Runtime Version path did not update when changed in the SOC
  • Logs that end up in container.out were not logged to the Platform
  • Multiple clicks on the start/stop button to put a application in maintenance caused the Application page to be unusable until the page was refreshed
  • Fixed bugs preventing Windows Containers from shutting down successfully
  • Uploading a certificate via the SOC was starting the upload before was action was completed in the confirmation dialog modal
  • Resolved mixed content errors from fonts loaded into the SOC
  • When sorting by memory in the Servers or Databases pages in the SOC, the server would incorrectly show as 'Activating' and an error message would be displayed


  • Removed unused class with possible injection flaw
  • Incorporated input validation and output escaping/encoding to prevent XSS flaws in Platform interfaces
  • Removed old, unused database connection strings from static files across the Platform
  • Removed Apprenda.Live.API DLL from SDK to eliminate security vulnerabilities

Developer Portal and Tools

  • Units were not showing for an application component's assigned Resource Policies
  • Corrected Managed Pipeline settings for guest application Web Sites in the Request Handling Section of the Developer Portal
  • In Chrome, when users had their password saved, the Application Configuration page was mistakenly trying to use the user's credentials as a password for application settings
  • Improved error messages in cases where workloads cannot be deployed due to deployment hosts being unavailable
  • Fixed 404 errors caused by font styling
  • The default log4j pattern was updated to remove "null" from being produced in log messages
  • Loading message was occasionally not going way once a page has finished loading
  • An error was prohibiting the an Application Dashboard via the application list while application promoting was occurring on the Platform
  • When logging into the Account Portal for the first time, users would not be able to log in if the Tenant Administrator user had yet to be created and log in

Guest Application Creation and Management

  • Added an exception when starting a Windows service on initial attempt fails
  • Fixed Apprenda Cloud Shell message output to be more readable when application promotion error occurs
  • Windows Services were promoting successfully when they were unable to be started
  • Applications using custom credentials could not be patched
  • Fixed bugs preventing CPU and RAM Throttling for .NET guest applications
  • Deprecated object in Java API, which prevents writing an unusable hash in the Platform Cache


  • Removed all Node Tracing Inspectors in the Platform to reduce overhead on WCF requests
  • The Platform now handles null values when checking the User.IsEnabled property
  • Fixed some typos in the Platform interfaces and error messages
  • Improved resiliency of Platform "catchall" site during suboptimal network conditions
  • Updated DotConnect DLLs from proper build from Devart that includes truncate table fixes
  • The ZipDirectory.ExtractTo(string) method has been marked obsolete
  • Ensure that an External User Store sweep does not generate log spamming when removing a user that is no longer backed by the External User Store itself
  • Platform now skips IIS error processing so as not to leave the Resources Application in an unintended/degraded state