This is documentation for Apprenda 6.0/6.5/6.6/6.7.
Documentation for other versions is also available.

What's New for Apprenda 6.5-6.8

​The Platform has introduced the following features and enhancements. Also see the release notes for more information on whats in each release.


Improvements to the Platform Operations REST API

The Platform Operations REST API allows Platform Operators to manage Platform infrastructure from outside the System Operations Center. Platform version 6.8.0 allows Platform Operators to get information about the nodes on the Platform, the workloads running on a given node, update Custom Properties, and get audit records and Platform Logs.

Improvements to SQL Password Rotation

This includes providing mechanics for better usability around SQL Server account credential rotation and Platform Operators now have the ability to separate SQL Server operations into unique accounts for the purposes of reducing privileges.


Improvements to the Platform Operations REST API

Introduced in Platform version 6.5.1, the Platform Operations REST API allows Platform Operators to manage Platform infrastructure from outside the System Operations Center. Platform version 6.7.0 introduces more endpoints that will enable users to retrieve information about Platform applications as well as create, view, and delete, Add-ons, Custom Properties, Platform Registry Settings and more.


Account Management REST API

The new Account Management REST API enables uses to manage user accounts, roles, and securables and their relationships to Tenant applications. This API will allow users the same functionality as using the Platform's Account Portal.

Performance Improvements

Platform promotion and deployment time has been improved by the zipping application archives when being transferred from the Platform repository onto a deployment host.

Server health History reports in the SOC

Platform Operators are now able to view, filter, and sort the history of a server's Health Reports in the System Operations Center.


Upgrade Improvements

The Platform is now capable of upgrading without guest application downtime. Platform Operators will have the option to choose to automatically upgrade, meaning the Platform will control the upgrade and decide the server upgrade order, or manually upgrade, meaning Operators will be responsible for certain upgrade decisions, server upgrade order, and installation of the new Platform version on Platform servers. Only upgrades to Platform version 6.5.3 and later will support upgrades without application downtime if your Platform meets the defined prerequisites. 

SSL/TLS Certificates for Application Vanity URLs

Developers can now upload SSL/TLS .PDX certificate archives for applications with a assigned vanity URL


No new functionality was introduced in 6.5.2. See the 6.5.2 release notes for more on what was improved in this release.


Platform Server Health Checks and Recoverability

The Apprenda Platform now performs configurable automatic health checks on all of its component servers, and health checks can be triggered on-demand as well.  If a server is found to be unhealthy or to require manual attention, it is automatically transitioned to the appropriate "state" in the System Operations Center (SOC) server index, and the Platform will avoid performing deployments to that server until it is transitioned back to a "healthy" state.  Apprenda will also maintain a historical record of health check results which can be referenced for any necessary troubleshooting.

Self-Healing Capability for Inconsistencies Between Platform Metadata and Physical Artifacts

The Apprenda Platform now performs configurable automatic checks which compare Platform metadata records against actual deployed physical artifacts on host servers, and will resolve any inconsistencies so that normal functioning of the Platform is not affected adversely and no orphaned objects are left behind after their references are removed.

Redesigned Guest Application Promotion Workflow

When promoting guest application versions from one lifecycle stage to another through Apprenda's Developer Portal, the success or failure of individual steps is now tracked in a new reporting form that is updated with real-time feedback from each step as it completes.  In addition, the promotion process can now be canceled manually mid-process, and Developer Portal functionality unrelated to the application version actively transitioning between stages can now be accessed while the promotion is running. 

Platform Operations REST API

The Platform Operations REST API is a REST (representational state transfer) API that can be used to customize the Platform Operator experience of managing infrastructure for the Apprenda Platform. This allows much of the functionality of the Platform's System Operations Center (SOC) to be accomplished through a variety of means such as custom-built UX or command-line interfaces.


Oracle 12c Support

Guest applications can now leverage Oracle 12c through the Apprenda Platform's storage infrastructure. In addition, Platform Operators have the option to move Oracle 12c data partitions to specially prepared off-Platform 12c PDBs.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/CentOS 7 Support

RHEL/CentOS 7 have been added as supported operating systems for Apprenda Platform Linux Servers.

Support for Custom Versions of Tomcat and JBoss

​In addition to the versions of Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7 that ship with the Apprenda Platform, Apprenda now supports custom versions of Tomcat and JBoss (as configured by the Platform Operator).

​Enhanced JMX Support for Java Applications

Improvements have been made to the functionality of JMX Monitoring:

  • A new securable has been added to control which Developers have the ability to enable JMX Monitoring for an application component.
  • Static JMX Connections are now available for Developers to access JMX Monitoring Subscription properties independent of an application component’s instance location.

Audit Logs for Apprenda Platform Operations

Platform Operators may now configure the Platform (as an install-time decision or using the "modify" workflow in the Apprenda Installer) to store auditing logs of key Apprenda Platform operations such login failures, password changes, and user/role changes.

Ability to Export Logs from the System Operations Center

Platform Operators can export selected log messages as a CSV file through the System Operations Center.

Optional TLS Encryption of Internal Platform Traffic

Platform Operators may now configure the Platform (as an install or upgrade-time decision) to enforce TLS encryption for all internal Platform traffic.

Reserved/Maintenance Mode State for Apprenda Nodes/Servers

Apprenda nodes/servers can be placed in a "Reserved" or "Maintenance" state. This functionality allows Platform Operators greater control over automatic workload deployment, especially when adding nodes/servers to or removing nodes/servers from the Platform.

Stability and Performance Improvements

In addition to general performance and stability optimizations made to Platform services and user portals, the following improvements have been introduced in 6.5.0:

  • Improved stability and predictability in concurrent application promotion scenarios.
  • Routing has been improved for on-Platform components.