This is documentation for Apprenda 6.0/6.5/6.6/6.7.
Documentation for other versions is also available.

For Developers

This is an introduction and reference for developing .NET and Java applications using the Apprenda application delivery fabric.

Who should read this section of our documentation?

This document is for developers and technically-minded individuals who are well-versed in writing application code. Specifically, this document is geared toward software engineers and architects interested in the high-level structure of Apprenda, details regarding building applications on Apprenda, or details regarding the configuration of Apprenda-based applications.

Are there any prerequisites to reading this guide?

A good grasp of writing code in C# and a firm understanding of .NET 3.5 or higher (on the.NET side) or in-depth experience with Java Enterprise web applications (on the Java side) is expected. This document covers conceptual topics as well as architecture and code-level implementation. Second, you should either have access to the Apprenda Platform or have downloaded and installed Apprenda Express from Having fundamental understandings of cloud computing and the idea that its implementation requires new architecture and infrastructure patterns are most certainly useful.