This is documentation for Apprenda 7 and 8.
Documentation for newer version is available at

Kubernetes, Docker, and Linux Services


The Platform is able to connect to a Kubernetes cluster to run and manage pod deployments. Before uploading and deploying pods to your Platform, Platform Operators must first add a cluster to your Platform. If you already have a cluster, you can begin packaging applications and deploying them to your Platform.

Linux Services and Docker

Linux Services is the Apprenda feature name for the ability to natively run generic Linux executables on your Platform. A Linux Service can be any application that is launched through an executable file (e.g. shell scripts, C-compiled native code, Ruby, python, etc.). The Platform's Linux Services functionality supports native deployment, monitoring, and scaling of Linux Services. See the Linux Services documentation for information on how to leverage this functionality.

Linux Services also provides the foundation for your Platform Operator to configure support for Docker on your Platform. See more about running Docker on your Platform.