This is documentation for Apprenda 7 and 8.
Documentation for newer version is available at

Setting Up the Developer Portal

After installation, you can begin configuring your Development and Account Portal and manage access for your Development Teams and Account users.

Initial Setup of the Account and Developer Portals

During the installation process, you provided information about your Organization (such as name and location) and the user credentials for your Account Administrator. After installing the Apprenda components, the Installer onboards your Organization as an Application Developer. This establishes an Account Portal for your Organization and configures your Account Administrator using the information supplied during installation.

Because the Organization is designated as an Application Developer, your Developer Portal is also established and a subscription to the Developer Portal is granted automatically to the Account Administrator. After installation, your Account Administrator is the only member of your Organization that can log in to your Account and Developer Portals.

Access to the Account Portal and the Developer Portal are restricted to Users who have been assigned subscriptions to them. A separate subscription is required for the Developer and Account Portal. Account Portal subscriptions are automatically created and assigned when a new User Account is created. While a Developer Portal subscription is automatically created and assigned to the Account Administrator, you must create and assign a Developer Portal subscription manually for all other Users who require to access the Developer Portal.

Unless your Platform Operator has configured the Platform otherwise, upon login the Account Administrator and other Users who have been assigned a subscription to the Developer Portal are directed to the Developer Portal Dashboard. Users who do not have a subscription to the Developer Portal are directed to the Account Portal Dashboard and will not have access to the Developer Portal. 

You can access the Account Portal from any page Additional Controls section of the Developer Portal through the “Manage Your Organization” link located in the taskbar in the upper right side of the screen. From the Account Portal, Users who have a subscription to the Developer Portal can access it through the “Publish Applications” link.

The following resources outline the basic steps that  the Account Administrator must perform in the Account Portal in order to enable other members of your Organization to access the Developer and Account Portals:

Create Subscriptions for the Developer Portal

  1. In the Account Portal, click on the Applications option in the menu bar at the top of the screen.  This will take you to your Applications page.  On the left side of the Your Applications matrix, you will see a list of all the related applications to which your Organization subscribes, including the Account Portal and the Developer Portal. 
  2. Click on the Buy More Subscriptions icon to the right of the Developer Portal.  This will take you to an Add or Change Subscriptions page for the Developer Portal.   
  3. In the Current Offering matrix to the right, indicate the number of individual subscriptions you would like to procure for the plan in the corresponding blank field at the bottom of the “basic” plan.
  4. Click on the Continue button.  This will take you to the Confirmation page, where you can complete your purchase.

Assign Developer Portal Subscriptions

  1. Return to the Applications page by clicking on the Applications option in the menu bar at the top of the screen.  
  2. Click on the Subscriptions & Usage icon to the right of the Developer Portal, which will take you to the Developer Portal Subscriptions & Usage page.  
  3. In the Your User Subscription Groups box to the right, click on the group name Basic, which will take you to the Basic Subscription Group page.
  4. Click on either the Subscriptions icon listed on the top right menu, or the View Subscriptions option under the Subscription Breakdown section in the upper right portion of the Group Profile box. This will take you to a page that lists each individual subscription in this Group.
  5. In the User Auto Assignment box on the bottom left of the page, select the names of the Users (up to the number of vacant subscriptions available) you wish to assign from the list provided.  This list contains the name of all Users who do not currently have a subscription to the Developer Portal.
  6. Click the Auto Assign button.

Create Roles and Assign Securable Permissions for the Developer Portal

Now that you have created Users and granted them access to the Developer Portal, you will need to use the Account Portal to Create Roles and grant Securable permissions that allow them to perform many of the Developer Portal's functions.  A general walkthrough of Creating Roles and Assigning Securable Permissions can be found in Using the Account Portal, as can a more specific outline of Security Permissions for the Account Portal.

Once you have created Roles and assigned Users to them, you can assign Security Permissions for the Developer Portal by selecting its corresponding Access Control & Security icon in the Applications page of the Account Portal. This will take you to the Security page for the Developer Portal, where you can grant Securable permissions to a Role by marking the appropriate check boxes.

As of Platform versions 7.1.0, the Manage Users and Subscriptions securable is available. This securable grants the ability to manage access to an application. If you upgrade to Platform version 7.1.0, users with the Manage Application securable will automatically be assigned Manage Users and Subscriptions.